Chuck Liddell says Floyd Mayweather needs to knock Conor McGregor out early to make a statement

As August 26 fast approaches, everyone has begun talking about the biggest fight of the year and what to expect when Conor McGregor laces up boxing gloves to take on all-time boxing great Floyd Mayweather Jr. Opinions range from giving McGregor a chance to pull off the upset to suggesting that giving McGregor such a chance is “an incredible disrespect to boxing.” Most seem to believe that Mayweather will remain undefeated, notching his fiftieth professional win with his usual, defensively-minded style.

Well, go ahead and count Chuck Liddell among them. The UFC Hall of Famer recently told TMZ that he expects the fight will be boring but he hopes Mayweather will try and make it more exciting than his most recent bouts. Once the premiere knockout artist in MMA, Liddell says that if Mayweather wants to make a statement in this fight, he needs to go after McGregor and look for an early finish of the boxing neophyte.

“I don’t think it’s gonna be that exciting of a fight. I don’t think Floyd will come after him. Floyd will fight his fight the way he does and normally that makes for a boring fight. I’d love to see him go after [Conor]. If he wants to make a statement, he’s got to knock him out early.”

Which is not entirely outside the realm of possibility. Though known as a defensive genius, Mayweather has occasionally opted for a more aggressive, exchanging style as he did against Miguel Cotto in their 2012 fight. With Mayweather likely retiring for good after this bout, it’s possible he wants to go out with a bang. His father and trainer, Floyd Mayweather Sr., said recently that they were working on some “new things” for this fight and a more aggressive, finish oriented style could be one of them.

But of course, the more aggressive Mayweather gets, the more opportunity that gives McGregor to author the upset of the century. And since Mayweather doesn’t make any more money for stopping McGregor, ultimately Liddell says Floyd will be content cashing his check and retiring with a remarkable 50-0 record.

“If Floyd comes after him, [Conor] has a shot to do it but I don’t think Floyd will come after him. Floyd will be happy just making the money and running around.”

Floyd Mayweather Jr. boxes Conor McGregor in Las Vegas, Nevada on August 26.

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